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Installing a test app using Google Play

Google Play has an awesome Alpha testing system, allowing you to download pre-release versions of apps when their developer invites you. However the invite system can be confusing. So, this is how you install an app as a private alpha testing user. Firstly, your app developer should have given you a link like Go […]

Launching a successful app: what you need to think about, but most people don’t

We’ve helped many new ideas find funding and grow into profitable businesses through our Incubator sessions ( These are the areas we find most often need our guidance; the most common things people need to think about, but don’t. Selecting launch features Almost every startup gets this wrong. If you’re seeking investment for an idea, […]

The Big Self Driving Car Pile-up (Apparently)

Well honestly, Google, what did you expect? Rightly proud of their self-driving cars, which have been roaming the US unleashed for over half a decade now, Google recently released the following boast: In 1.7  million miles, our cars have only been involved in 11 minor accidents. That’s an incredibly impressive stat. The cars have been […]

Windows RT is dead – and that’s good for freedom

Windows RT – the cut-down, half-fat, limited, unloved version of the world’s most famous operating system – is officially dead. Microsoft tweeted us to confirm: @appsinthesky Thanks! All future devices of Surface will have full Windows capabilities. — Surface UK (@Surface_UK) April 15, 2015 That it was in terminal decline is of no surprise to […]