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Introducing Uncle Bob…

What is Uncle Bob?   A smart robot arm. By smart, we mean he can be controlled using an app on the latest smartphones and tablets.   More technically… Uncle Bob’s “brain” is an Arduino programmable board connected to 5 servos. The servos move different joints in the arm: one for the base to swing left/right, 3 […]

Installing a test app using Google Play

Google Play has an awesome Alpha testing system, allowing you to download pre-release versions of apps when their developer invites you. However the invite system can be confusing. So, this is how you install an app as a private alpha testing user. Firstly, your app developer should have given you a link like Go […]

The Big Self Driving Car Pile-up (Apparently)

Well honestly, Google, what did you expect? Rightly proud of their self-driving cars, which have been roaming the US unleashed for over half a decade now, Google recently released the following boast: In 1.7  million miles, our cars have only been involved in 11 minor accidents. That’s an incredibly impressive stat. The cars have been […]