Push notifications

Our unique push messaging system allows you to interact with your customers. Highly targeted messages can be sent to groups or individuals, even if they are away from their device. All messages are free, reliably delivered, and aren’t intrusive like calls or texts.

Use push notifications to send appointment reminders, or to tell a user the book they want is now half price, or to invite them to your launch party.

A personal experience

Websites are great for delivering a generic message to your global audience. But to really engage your customer - to deliver a highly targeted and personal experience based on, for example, past habits, current interests, location, etc - you need an app.

Apps load immediately, they don’t break down if you lose internet access, and they don’t require your customers to memorise an address or find a bookmark.

All the latest gadgets

Let customers pay by fingerprint. Regularly entering address, delivery and credit card information is no longer necessary: make it simpler to buy, and more people will buy it.

Use the device’s camera to receive images from your users. Use GPS to deliver location based services. Use sensors to respond to movement. Use Bluetooth to control your TV, car or a new gadget you’ve built.

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